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So presently Ryerson's Faculty of Science and some high schools in the GTA are engaged in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program. This is very exciting, and over 130 students are signed on to work in teams of 5 to develop a proposal for an experiment to be launched into space and delivered to the International Space Station. There an astronaut will perform the winning experiment and return the results to earth for analysis and comparison against a ground-based "control" experiment.

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Hello friends of Physics and members of the Society of Awesome!

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One of the first labs most students complete in Physics involves using a Vernier caliper to determine the dimensions, and ultimately the density, of a metal block.

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On Thursday, November 20, Introduction to Medical Physics held their end-of-semester poster presentation event in POD 250. It was a lot of fun. Nice to see so many well researched posters on display, and the accompanying presentations were great. There was a lot of stress in the air to begin, but it looked like everyone got a lot out of the experience.

Thanks to Dr. Pejovic-Milic and Eric Da Silva for organizing, as well as the additional faculty and grad students who helped out with the judging.

Click here to download some of the photo highlights of the evening. Enjoy!


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Hello to all the physics peeps in the department. This last semester me and Rawan Ibrahem have been working on this little new invention for the Mako Student Invention Award that is happening TOMORROW. We heard about this through the one and only Gram seeing as we are both part of the infamous SoA group and thought it was a great opportunity to get involved and stretch our time management skills to the max (because of course we had sooo much free time...) But nonetheless we enjoyed our sleepovers at the lab and come up with this idea for a great cause.

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Hey Society of Awesome! We've been on semi-hiatus this semester but that's about to change!

Announcing Society of Awesome DIY Ninja School!

That's right! SoA DIY Ninja School!!

We've got a lot of stuff to get done in the next couple months, and we need to live up to our growing reputation as the most amazing Ryerson club everyone has heard of but no one knows anything about!

So, we need you! We need you to earn your SoA DIY black belt! Need a break from exam prep? Hit the SoA lab (usually 229) and complete a challenge. It's refreshing, invigorating, stimulating!

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Some Vendors

> 255 College St @ Spadina

Reader Suggestions!

From Laura L:


A very cool-looking 3D printer I was not previously aware of.

Hello Physics!

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The blog has been somewhat neglected of late, but hopefully that will change for the better now that the summer term has arrived.

A short recap of the goings-on within the department recently.

Science Rendezvous

Presently Science Rendezvous preparations are furiously underway... Saturday, May 11th at Dundas Square. Last year's attendance was on the order of 20000!

Luke, Iosif, and I have been hard at efforts to make this year better than ever, and we have a fantastic gang of volunteers stepping up to assist. This year, among our myriad demonstrations, we aim to highly promote Medical Physics, with demos of optical pulse sensors, thermal imaging, perhaps a CT scanner.

Check out a taste of one of our electrostatic demonstrations that's sure to wow the crowds...

Thesis Defense Day

Dr. Karshaffian organized yet another inspired Thesis Defense Day, held April 26th.

Sixteen of the Department's fourth year students presented the fruits of their eight month research projects.

Congratulations to Jidney, who was awarded first prize for her presentation and poster about her work at Sunnybrook, and to Nikolas and Darren, who were both awarded runner up prizes.

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