Graduate Studies - MSc and PhD in Biomedical Physics

Why Study Biomedical Physics?

Earn your MSc or PhD graduate degree leading to a career in research, biomedical technology, or clinical medical physics.

Pursue specialized research opportunities in medical imaging, treatment modalities, trace element detection and computational physics.

Looking for a challenging career that makes a difference? Immerse yourself in this cutting-edge multidisciplinary field with a positive impact on society.

CAMPEP Accreditation Option

We offer a CAMPEP accredited Option in MSc and PhD programs for those seeking to enter a medical physics residency program in at least one subspecialty (radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, or nuclear medicine) and assume appropriate responsibilities in the clinical practice of medical physics.

Students who complete this Option will have the text “MSc Biomedical Physics CAMPEP Major” or “PhD Biomedical Physics CAMPEP Major” added to their transcripts.

Master of Science (MSc)

This full-time, multidisciplinary program is designed to:

  • Expose students, through coursework and research, to a variety of disciplines including physics, engineering, computer science and biology - a critical factor to the process of innovation in the medical field today;
  • Be state-of-the-art, combining courses, seminar discussions, and applied research focusing on the understanding, development and evaluation of novel physics-based technologies for the medical, biotechnology and environmental sectors;
  • Provide relevant education for graduates to enter the workforce or enter into Ph.D. programs in bio/health/medical physics, thereby stimulating economic and social development through the training of highly qualified personnel;
  • Contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and through the application of knowledge, to the development or improvement of biomedical products, systems, and/or services;
    Foster university/industry/hospital interactions through joint projects; and
  • Train highly qualified personnel for the biomedical science sector who can enhance national and provincial economic, environmental, and social development.
  • CAMPEP accredited Option available.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The core objective of this full-time program is the production of independent original research and the preparation of a dissertation.

The objectives of the doctoral program extend the skills associated with the Master's degree by providing students with the following:

  • A thorough understanding of knowledge that is at the forefront of the research and development of novel methodologies for disease detection, treatment, and prevention, including relevant knowledge outside of their field and/or discipline;
  • The skills necessary to be successful independent scientists in biomedical physics through the ability to conceptualize, design, and implement research; the ability to adjust their methodology in the light of unforeseen problems; and the ability to produce original research of a quality to satisfy peer review and to merit publication;
  • The capacity to undertake pure or applied research at an advanced level and contribute to the development and/or improvement of biomedical products and systems;
  • The qualities and skills necessary for employment that requires personal responsibilities and largely autonomous initiative in complex situations, along with the independence to be academically and professionally engaged and current; ethical behaviour and responsible conduct of research; and the ability to evaluate the broader implications of applying knowledge to particular contexts;
  • The ability to communicate complex and/or ambiguous ideas, issues, and conclusions clearly and effectively, especially with clinicians and engineers in the health sector; and
  • Awareness of the limitations of knowledge in the discipline and of the potential contributions from other interpretations, methods, and disciplines.
  • CAMPEP accredited Option available.