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Minimally Invasive Thermal Therapy

Researchers: Michael Kolios, William M. Whelan

The “Facility for Fundamental Biophysics Research and Development of Minimally Invasive Thermal Therapies” was established in 2002 through a strategic investment by the University that was leveraged by Biomedical Physics principal investigators to CFI. Comprised of two individual laboratories, the facility houses more than $400,000 worth of state-of-the-art research equipment to be used by graduate students to conduct their research theses. Presently three graduate and two undergraduate students are working on thesis research in the facility, which has a capacity for 7 graduate students (desks concentrated on one side). Each graduate student has his/her own dedicated workstation connected to a university-based network. Most of the research equipment presented below is already installed and functional.


high resolution thermal camera
4-channel fluoroptic thermometry system
acoustic camera
4-channel laser and delivery system
arbitrary signal generator
ultrasound transducers
power amplifier
lock-in amplifier
digital oscilloscope

Research Area: 
Medical Imaging and Treatment Modalities