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Ultrasound Biomicroscopy

´╗┐Researcher: Michael Kolios

The biomedical ultrasound laboratory has been equipped with equipment purchased over the years through several funding agencies (NSERC, Whitaker, CFI, OIT - PI M. Kolios). It houses a commercial high frequency ultrasound imager, a prototype high frequency ultrasound system for the investigation of pulse encoding schemes and various other components for ultrasound imaging and heating experiments.


VisualSonics VS40B high frequency ultrasound imager
2.6GS arbitrary waveform generator (Textronix model AWG610)
power amplifier that can be used to achieve 56dB gains up to 250MHz (Empower RF systems model BBS0D3FRR)
various oscilloscopes (National Instruments, computer based) and high end oscilloscope (touch screen Textronix TDS5052)
a 3D scanning apparatus with calibrated hydrophones (Precision Acoustics Ltd., England)
several high frequency ultrasound transducers (at 20,30,40,55MHz)
several heating transducers

Research Area: 
Medical Imaging and Treatment Modalities