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Optoacoustic Imaging

Researchers: Michael Kolios, William M. Whelan

The optoacoustic imaging laboratory has been recently developed and is rapidly evolving over time through the addition of new devices and experimental setups. This laboratory provides a vast opportunity for research and improvement of our understanding of optoacoustic techniques from both the theoretical and experimental perspectives. It houses an assortment of equipment which help in the characterization, measurement and determination of different optical properties of biomedical samples and their effects on the performance of optoacoustic imaging.


Laser optoacoustic imaging system (LOIS) (Fairway Medical Technologies, Inc. Houston Tx.).
An optical parametric oscillator (OPO ‐ from Optotek Vibrant) delivering light pulses with duration 6 ns, maximum energy 60 mJ/pulse and covering a spectral range from 680 to 950 nm.
Double integrating spheres for measuring different optical properties.
Compact spectrometers capable of detection over the visible and NIR range of the spectrum.
An interferometry setup around a solid state laser with cw output at 532 nm.

Research Area: 
Medical Imaging and Treatment Modalities