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Treatment Optimization for Radiation Therapy and Image Reconstruction

Researcher: Pedro Goldman

Currently, the main thrust of my research is focused on the radiation treatment of tumours. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is becoming a new standard technique for radiotherapy. A fast and reliable optimization algorithm is crucial for designing good radiation treatment plans and for the successful implementation of future interactive adaptive treatment techniques. My work introduced a new Fast Inverse Dose Optimization (FIDO) method for the direct solution of the inverse problem that avoids negative beamlet intensities and is several orders of magnitude faster than present optimization techniques. Our research currently is dedicated to the development of a full fledged three-dimensional.planning system including scattering effects, Dose-Volume constraints, as well as gantry angle optimization and biological effects. A second line of research regarding the radiation treatment of tumours is the optimization of Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy (IMAT). We have produced a new method to calculate analytic pre-optimized intensities and are now investigating a very fast, full optimization of IMAT including all constraints mentioned above. We are interested as well in the problem of inverse image reconstruction in Computed Tomography (CT). One perspective is the application of FIDO for a novel solution of this problem. The second is an imaging perspective involving the creation of novel alternatives to Fourier transforms in order to avoid the nasty artifacts that Fourier introduces in Medical Imaging.

Research Area: 
Medical Imaging and Treatment Modalities