2017 NSERC-USRA Research Project - Measurement of soft tissue biomechanical properties using acoustic and mechanical methods

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15 Feb 2017 (All day)

Measurement of soft tissue biomechanical properties is an important method to evaluate tissue quality toward detecting clinical conditions such as: evaluating fat content, muscle stiffness, and cancer tumor detection. In this research we plan to investigate ultrasound-based methods to evaluate soft tissue mechanical properties such as Young’s, Shear, and Bulk moduli, and Poisson ratio in different kinds of ex vivo soft tissue samples and tissue-mimicking gel phantoms. To this end a quantitative ultrasound elastography method will be developed and investigated in. An open-architecture research ultrasound scanner (Vantage 128™, Verasonics Inc., Kirkland, WA, USA) will be used to this end. A separate mechanical indentation method (MACH-1™ Mechanical Testing System, Biomomentum Inc., Laval, QC, Canada) will also be used in this study as a reference method to compare the results obtained. The research work will be conducted in the PI’s research laboratory located in iBEST, St. Michael’s Hospital.

For more info, please contact the PI:
Prof. Jahan Tavakkoli
Dept. of Physics, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Tel: 416-979- 5000, Ext. 7535
Email: jtavakkoli@ryerson.ca
Webpage: www.physics.ryerson.ca/people/faculty/tavakkoli
Research Laboratory: www.physics.ryerson.ca/research/abul
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jahantavakkoli