Colloquium - March 27th - Revolutions in Teaching Physics: A Scientific Model for Learning

Event Date/Time: 
Mon, 03/27/2017 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
KHE 225

Presenter: Chris Meyer
York Mills Collegiate Institute, Toronto
VP Teaching and Learning, Ontario Association of Physics Teachers

We live in an exciting time for teaching physics. Over 30 years of education research by physics professionals is transforming physics teaching from a mystical art into a practical science. In the process, many educational myths have been successfully challenged. Research is providing great insight into the cognitive development of our students’ physics understanding and the accompanying physical changes that take place in the brain. As a result, pedagogical techniques have broken free from the traditions and fads of the past, and are becoming grounded in an empirical understanding of how humans learn. By creating a research-based learning environment, we can literally build better students and build better teachers. In this talk, Chris will share the key results from education research that inspired him to create a lecture-free high school physics program that is now spreading across Ontario.

Chris Meyer leads a reformed grade 11 and 12 physics program at York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto. He has presented pedagogical workshops for high schools and universities across southern Ontario, and his classroom resources are used throughout Canada and the United States. Chris is the winner of the 2016 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Ontario) and the 2015 Toronto District School Board Teaching Excellence Award. His most recent article, Group Work Test for Context Rich Problems appeared in the May 2016 edition of The Physics Teacher. When Chris takes off his physics hat, he enjoys writing orchestral music, with recent performances by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. To learn more, please visit: