Colloquium - March 20 - THick Gas Electron Multiplier: An Attractive Detector for Radiation Imaging and Dosimetry

Event Date/Time: 
Mon, 03/20/2017 - 1:30pm
KHE 225

Presented: Dr. Soo Hyun Byun, Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Radiation Sciences Graduate Program
McMaster University


In order to address the fundamental physics problems encountered in radiation detection and dosimetry, my research group has focused on advanced gaseous radiation detector and signal processing system developments. A gaseous detector is one of the popular radiation detection methods and there has been outstanding progress in its technology in the last decade. Since 2008, my group has been developing THick Gas Electron Multiplier (THGEM) detectors which offer unique features in contrast to traditional gaseous proportional counters. In this talk, I will briefly review the underlying physics on THGEM and present our THGEM detectors geared for imaging and dosimetry. Another amazing project that we are currently working on is “McMaster NEUtron DOSimetry and Exploration (NEUDOSE)”, which aims at designing and building a satellite for measuring neutron and charged particle dose rates in low-Earth orbit. I will present the unique features of the NEUDOSE design and major accomplishments.

For any kind of radiation detectors, the importance of signal processing can never be overemphasized. With the recent progress in digital electronics, detector signal processing has been dramatically improved over the classical analog processing. I will present our recent signal processing systems that have been developed for a variety of radiation detectors.

Coffee and snacks will be provided.
Hope to see you there.