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Tetyana Antimirova

Co-op Program Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor


KHS 331E

416-979-5000 x7416

Physics Education Research, Curriculum Development, Educational Technologies, Science Education and Outreach, Condensed Matter Physics, Physical Chemistry

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Catherine Beauchemin

Associate Professor


KHS 331

416-979-5000 x2508

Virophysics: use of physical models to resolve the temporal and spatial dynamics of viral infections. Specifically, the development of realistic mathematical and computer models to capture and expalin the kinetics of virus infection spread within a cell culture (in vitro) or a host (in vivo). Apply physical models to accurately quantify the mode of action and efficacy of antiviral drugs and the phenotypic effect of virus mutations which confer drug resistance. Virus of primary interest: influenza, hepatitis C, dengue, and the respiratory syncitial virus.

Margaret Buckby



KHS 138

416-979-5000 x7059

Nuclear reactions occurring during supernova explosions.

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M. Juliana Carvalho



KHS 342

416-979-5000 x7412

Collective Motion in Nuclear Physics, Algebraic Models, Schur Function Formalism. MAPLE as a tool for teaching Physics

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Eric Da Silva

Assistant Professor



analytical chemistry, chemical physics, applied radiation physics, spectroscopy, in vivo spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, Raman spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, trace element toxicology (human), triglyceride crystallization, radiation protection/health physics, chemometrics

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Alexandre Douplik

Associate Professor


KHS 331B

416-979-5000 x6538

BioMedical Photonics

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Pedro Goldman



KHS 246

416-979-5000 x7418

Radiation Therapy of Tumours, Fast Inverse Dose Optimizations for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Tomotherapy, Alternative Methods for Efficient CT Image Reconstruction, Physics Education.

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James Gräfe

Assistant Professor


416-979-5000 x3405

Medical Physics, radiation therapy, in vivo trace and toxic metal analysis, in vivo neutron activation analysis, in vivo X ray fluorescence, gadolinium toxicity, innovative nuclear medicine, proton prompt gamma ray, Proton Neutron Gamma-X Detection (PNGXD)

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Raffi Karshafian

Associate Professor


KHE 329E

416-979-5000 x7536

Ultrasound and microbubble mediated therapeutic applications in targeted drug delivery (chemotherapy) and enhancing therapeutic efficacy of radiotherapy.
Acoustic behaviour of microbubble contrast agents.

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Michael C. Kolios




416-979-5000 x3157

Ultrasound imaging and therapeutics, Ultrasound imaging, Optical Coherence Tomography, Photoacoustics, Theranostic agent development, Heat transfer in tissue, Thermal Therapies

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J. Carl Kumaradas

Graduate Program Director

Associate Professor


KHS 340B

416-979-5000 x7462

Medical Physics, Thermal Therapy, Electromagnetism, Heat Transfer, Numerical Analysis

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Ana Pejović-Milić




KHS 331B

416-979-5000 x7952

Medical physics, trace elements analysis in humans, bone strontium, aluminum, manganese, and magnesium, nuclear analytical methods for medical applications, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and its in vivo application, in vivo neutron activation analysis (IVNAA)

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G. Todd Springer

tspringer at ryerson dot ca

KHS 331-C


High energy nuclear and particle physics (theory)

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Jahan Tavakkoli

Undergraduate Program Director

Associate Professor



416-979-5000 x7535
  • Biomedical Ultrasound (Therapeutic and Diagnostic)
  • Image-guided Ultrasound Surgery
  • Nonlinear Acoustic Modeling and Simulation
  • Ultrasound Signal and Image Processing
  • Medical Devices and Technologies
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Vladislav Toronov

Associate Professor


KHS 333A

416-979-5000 x4114

Research Topics:
Optical and Magnetic Resonance Biomedical Imaging
Non-linear dynamics of the brain

Brain is the most inscrutable arcana of modern science. Studies of the brain employ all basic and most of applied sciences. The progress in understanding of mechanisms is inseparable from the progress in method developments. I study brain from two perspectives of applied Physics: experimental and theoretical. My theoretical studies focus on the development of casual models of neural processes and neurovascular coupling. My experimental research includes development of non-invasive functional imaging techniques and their combined use to measure various cerebral signals and to compare them with predictions of theoretical models.

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Yuan Xu

Associate Professor


KHS 331D

416-979-5000 x7847

Ultrasound imaging
Novel imaging reconstruction algorithms
Multi-wave imaging methods
Medical imaging

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