Victor Yang

MASc and MD-PhD (Toronto), PEng
Adjunct Professor

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350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2K3
t. 416-803-9320 f. 416 542-5876


Optical coherence tomography, intra-operative fluorescence imaging, photodynamic therapy, micro-machined electro-mechanical probes/catheters

Research Projects

Utilizing recent advances in photonics technology, optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an emerging imaging modality with high spatial resolution (1 – 10 µm) making it suitable for in vivo subsurface visualization of normal or diseased tissue. Doppler optical coherence tomography (DOCT), employing mature Doppler ultrasound signal processing techniques, is capable of detecting slow blood flow (1 – 10 µm/s) in the microcirculation and is suitable for imaging applications such as embryonic cardiovascular development, angiogenesis, and therapeutic monitoring of treatment directed at neovasculature.

Technological advancement of DOCT: (1) To satisfy the need of 3D/4D imaging of human tissue and high speed imaging of fast hemodynamic events in small animal models, we are developing new DOCT systems with frame rates two to three orders of magnitude higher then currently available. This is being achieved using multiple strategies such as cardiac gating, new fiber ring laser, and multi-channel arrayed OCT. (2) Compared to Doppler ultrasound, a key drawback of current DOCT is the relatively low aliasing frequency which limits velocity detection to values in the mm/s to cm/s range. Utilizing 2D Kasai estimation techniques, we are extending the velocity detection range to m/s which is suitable for imaging high speed blood flow in large vessels. (3) By applying mature ultrasound clutter rejection algorithms to DOCT, we are improving the detection of microcirculation using power Doppler techniques. (4) Using a combination of spectroscopic OCT and contrast agents, we are improving the detection and automatic segmentation of microvasculature within the DOCT images.

The advancements made in the above technology core are synergistically applied to improve pre-clinical and clinical studies in different application areas:

Endoscopic DOCT: Flexible catheter based fiber optic probes (diameter 0.8 - 2 mm) are developed for endoscopic and endolumenal DOCT (EDOCT) applications. We performed the world's first EDOCT clinical study in patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy and demonstrated in vivo microcirculation imaging in non-cancerous, pre-cancerous, and cancerous tissues. Further study aims at (1) in vivo high resolution visualization of tissue morphology and microvasculature pattern in Barrett's esophagus (a pre-cancer condition); (2) detection and monitoring of microvascular changes during photodynamic therapy of Barrett's esophagus; (3) extension of EDOCT to the lower GI tract, biliary tree, and other body sites such as the lung.

Trans-esophageal DOCT: For small animal models (e.g., mice, rats), the esophageal wall is thin and the major vessels are within the penetration depth of DOCT. We have demonstrated the first trans-esophageal DOCT (TE-DOCT) imaging of rat aortic blood flow using 2D Kasai techniques and by combining the cardiac gating methods, detailed study of hemodynamics in the major vessels and cardiac valves of transgenic mice are feasible. We are developing special TE-DOCT catheters (diameter <1 mm) suitable for 3D and 4D imaging of the cardiovascular system in mice, utilizing transgenic models available at the Toronto Mouse Imaging Centre.

Interstitial DOCT: As an extension of EDOCT, further miniaturization of the fiber optic probe allows development of a combined fine needle aspiration (FNA) system with interstitial DOCT (IS-DOCT) imaging, which can provide detailed microstructural and microvascular visualization beyond the FNA needle. Combined with other image guidance techniques (e.g., US, CT, fluoro), lesions deep within solid tissue (e.g., brain, liver, prostate, breast) are accessible to IS-DOCT. Further study aims at (1) stereotactic/image guided IS-DOCT visualization of tissue during biopsy; (2) detection and monitoring of microcirculation deep within tissue in response to photodynamic therapy.

Embryonic DOCT: Combining IS-DOCT and optical cardiac gating, we have demonstrated the first 3D and 4D imaging of Xenopus laevis embryos at speeds up to 1000 frames per second. In collaboration with our industry partner (Thorlabs Inc., NJ), we are developing an embryonic DOCT system suitable for 3D/4D imaging of in utero mouse embryos, with optical cardiac gating to the individual embryo. Such ultra-high resolution imaging at ultra-high frame rate will allow detailed structural and hemodynamic phenotyping of mouse embryos during early developmental stages.

Selected Publications

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2007-09 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (team grant) Total: $2,838,000
2006-08 Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (strategic project) Total: $260,000
2005-08 Canadian Foundation for Innovation (equipment) Total: $250,000
2005-08 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (operating) Total: $680,000
2005-07 Photonics Research Ontario (operating) Total: $200,000
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