There is lots of exciting research going on in the Department of Physics! Click on the links below to read more about each of the major topics pursued in our Department.

Medical imaging and Treatment Modalities

The development, modelling, and/or refinement of various modalities (light, sound, heat) to both visualize and destroy cancer while minimizing the impact on patients. Learn more here.

Trace Element Detection

A trace element is an element (e.g., lead, selenium, arsenic) that is present in a sample in very small, almost unmeasurable quantities (typically less than 100 parts per million or ppm), making it a challenge to measure them accurately. The research focus is on trace elements that are of interest to human health either because they are essential for proper growth and development or because they are toxic even at extremely low concentrations. Learn more here.


Virophysics is a branch of biophysics in which the theoretical concepts and experimental techniques of physics are applied to study the mechanics and dynamics of interactions between virus and cells. Virophysics can also be considered the theoretical counterpart to virology, a field of research otherwise advanced almost exclusively through experimental investigation. Learn more here.

Physics Education

The investigation of the effectiveness and impact of using teaching technologies in both large and small undergraduate physics classrooms. It includes studying and addressing the issue of motivation and attitudes through the analysis of undergraduate physics courses. Learn more here.