Virophysics is a branch of biophysics in which the theoretical concepts and experimental techniques of physics are applied to study the mechanics and dynamics of interactions between virus and cells. Virophysics can also be considered the theoretical counterpart to virology, a field of research otherwise advanced almost exclusively through experimental investigation.

Faculty members

Catherine Beauchemin

Research groups

Physical Modelling in Biology, Immunology, and Ecology (phymbie)

Researcher: Catherine Beauchemin

The phymbie group concentrates on applying computational and mathematical modelling techniques commonly used in Physics to solving important problems in Biology, Immunology, and Ecology. The actual models, which range from simple ordinary differential equation systems to elaborate agent-based computer models, are typically implemented in C, python, or Octave. Most agent-based simulation are developed as clients for the Multi-Agent System Visualisation platform MASyV, developed and maintained by the phymbie group. MASyV is a free open-source software for Linux/Unix/Mac systems available for download on Phymbie group members have/acquire good mathematical and programming skills, and a rigorous and in-depth understanding of the systems they are modelling. To learn more about phymbie and to find out about current research within the group, please visit the phymbie website.