Eric Strohm

Post Doctoral Fellow
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kolios

Profile picture - Eric Strohm
Ryerson University
Kerr Hall East 233
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5B 2K3
416-979-5000 x2075


My research interests focus on detecting and diagnosing disease using light and sound, with an emphasis on cancer. My long term goal is to improve healthcare by using new technologies to improve our understanding on how disease develops and progresses, and how these technologies can be used for a better and easier diagnosis than current clinical methods.

Please see my website for more information.

Selected Publications

Book chapters (2)
1. E. Hysi, E.M. Strohm and M. C. Kolios. “Probing different length scales using photoacoustics: from 1-1000 MHz” in Handbook of Photonics for Biomedical Engineering, Aaron H.P. Ho, D. Kim and M.G. Somekh (Eds.). Springer, 2015.
2. E.M. Strohm, G. Czarnota, M.C. Kolios, “Acoustic microscopy of cells” in Quantitative Ultrasound of Soft Tissue, J. Mamou and M. Oelze (Eds.). Springer, 2013.

Publications in refereed journals (7)
1. Y. Sun, Y. Wang, C. Niu, E.M. Strohm, Y. Zheng, H. Ran, R. Huang, D. Zhou, Y. Gong, Z. Wang, D. Wang, M.C. Kolios, “Laser-activated PLGA theranostic agents for cancer therapy in vivo”, Advanced Functional Materials (Accepted Sept. 3, 2014)
2. E.M. Strohm, I. Gorelikov, N. Matsuura, M.C. Kolios, “Modeling photoacoustic spectral features of micron-sized particles”, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 59(19), 2014, pp. 5795-5810.
3. E.M. Strohm, E. Berndl, M.C. Kolios, “High frequency label-free photoacoustic microscopy of single cells”, Photoacoustics, 1(3), 2013, pp. 49-53.
4. E.M. Strohm, E. Berndl, M.C. Kolios, “Probing red blood cell morphology using high frequency photoacoustics,” Biophysical Journal, 105(1), 2013, pp. 59-67.
5. E.M. Strohm, I. Gorelikov, N. Matsuura, M.C. Kolios, “Acoustic and photoacoustic characterization of micron-sized perfluorocarbon emulsions”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 17(9), 2012, pp. 096016-26.
6. E.M. Strohm, M. Rui, I. Gorelikov, N. Matsuura, M.C. Kolios, “Vaporization of perfluorocarbon droplets using optical irradiation”, Biomedical Optics Express, 2(6), 2011, pp. 1432-1442.
7. E.M. Strohm, G. Czarnota, M.C. Kolios “Quantitative Measurements of Apoptotic Cell Properties Using Acoustic Microscopy”, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 57(10), 2010, pp. 2293-2304.


Curriculum Vitae