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Improving human health

MSc/PhD Programs in Biomedical Physics
CAMPEP accredited option

BSc Program in Medical Physics

Take a tour through any hospital and look at any piece of equipment with an on/off switch that is brought into the diagnosing the human condition. That machine is based on principals of physics discovered by a physicist and built by an engineer.

- Neil de Grasse Tyson, Astrophysicist

In the News

Making radiation treatment better
Posted Tue, Apr 24th

If you're ever looking for researcher James Gräfe, you would be advised to check his schedule.

Clinical medical physicist James Gräfe works at the Odette Cancer Centre, part of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.
Caribbean Teachers Visit for Experiential Physics!
Posted Mon, Aug 21st

On August 9 the Department of Physics welcomed a delegation of guidance teachers from several Caribbean islands.