Physics of Cellular Systems

   Complex Systems at Toronto Metropolitan University

The graduate program in Complex Systems, offering MSc and PhD degrees, is housed in the Department of Physics at Toronto Metropolitan University. The program is one of the few graduate-level programs in North America in this growing field. 'Complex' Systems can be defined as systems "composed of many components which may interact with each other" that exhibit phenomena including "nonlinearity, emergence, spontaneous order, adaptation, and feedback loops".

Graduate courses in Complex Systems at TMU include Many-body theory, Dynamical systems, and Complex networks & applications.

Research Areas
Research in the Complex Systems program at TMU ranges across the physics of viral infections, the statistical physics of tuned reaction networks and languages, the nonlinear behaviour and cascading failures of networks, and nonequilibrium phenomena in cell biology.

Potential Supervisors
Catherine Beauchemin: Virophysics
Eric De Giuli: Statistical physics of tuned reaction networks and languages
Sean Cornelius: Nonlinear behaviour and cascading failures in networks
Aidan Brown: Cellular biophysics

Please contact any of us with questions about the Complex Systems program or research!

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