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2020 NSERC USRA Applications - Guidelines Coming Soon
Posted Thu, Jan 16th

Applications for 2020 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Assistant scholarships will be due in February.

Important dates and guidelines will be posted soon.

Ryerson's Faculty of Science and Tree of Knowledge International's Nanotechnology Research Project Expands to Include the Development of Targeted Treatments for Cancer Tumours
Posted Thu, Oct 3rd

Ryerson University's Faculty of Science and Tree of Knowledge International Corp (TOKI) are pleased to announce that they are expanding their current research project to develop a new nanotechnology-enhanced delivery method for medical cannabis and cannabinoid molecules. Added to the initial goal of creating targeted treatments for pain conditions is a pioneering application to combat cancerous tumours.

Read the full article...

Dr. Jahan Tavakkoli and Dr. Kevin Rod, project leads, meeting in the St.Michael's Hospital iBEST research lab.
Back to School!
Posted Fri, Sep 6th

The Fall semester of 2019 begins. We had a great day Thursday welcoming our newest graduate students into the department and catching up with colleagues after a busy summer.

As classes, labs, tutorials, and of course research kick off for another term, we're looking forward to many great successes this year in the Department of Physics.

Department of Physics group photo taken during 2019 orientation day.
2018-19 Medical Physics Fourth Year Thesis Poster Presentation
Posted Fri, May 3rd

On Friday, April 26th, students from PCS 40A/B gathered for a poster session to present their 4th-year medical physics thesis research projects. PCS 40A/B pairs students with researchers in the field of Medical Physics from Ryerson University and affiliating hospitals (Princess Margaret, St. Michael's, and Sunnybrook Health Science Center) or industry. Over the course of two semesters the students conduct original research on wide range of topics in medical physics, such as advanced imaging and therapies using ultrasound, optics, radiation, etc.

The poster presentations were juried by participating faculty members and researchers. The following posters were awarded for their scientific quality, and depth and breadth of research work presented:

First Place Award:
Monica Bell Villa for the poster entitled "Textural Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Images to Detect Early Radiobiological Changes of Single Dose Irradiated Tumours"
Supervisor: Dr. Alex Vitkin

Second Place Award:
Daniel Cresta for the poster entitled "A Discrete Dynamical Intercellular System Model for Influenza A Virus (IAV) Infection Kinetics"
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Beauchemin

Third Place Award (two awards):
Marek Tam for the poster entitled "Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy using Photoacoustic Imaging and Gold Nanoparticles"
Supervisor: Dr. Carl Kumaradas

Shiva Nassori for the poster entitled "Optimizing a Desktop System for Benchtop MRI Research System"
Supervisor: Dr. Yuan Xu

Congratulations to all the students of PCS 40A/B course for their excellent research work and presentation of their results. Successful completion of this course marks the culmination of their BSc (Hons.) degree in Medical Physics, and we hope all participants take great pride in this significant and well-deserved accomplishment.

Fourth year thesis poster presentation event - group shot of student participants.
NSERC USRA Opportunity - Spatial Inter-relationship Mapping using Computed Tomography in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Posted Tue, Jan 22nd

Quantitative computed tomography (CT) imaging in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients provides measurements of the underlying disease features, small airway disease and emphysema, but tools that can interrogate the inter-relationships are limited. We hypothesize that there is a spatial relationship between disease features that is related to disease severity. We will use image processing methods to generate three-dimensional maps for visualizing and quantifying the spatial inter-relationships.

Research Group: Dr. Miranda Kirby

NSERC-USRA Opportunity - Quantitative Computed Tomography Imaging of Spatial Heterogeneity in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Posted Tue, Jan 22nd

Computed tomography (CT) provides high resolution images of the underlying structural abnormalities in patients with lung disease. We hypothesize that the spatial distribution of structural abnormalities, not just the extent of disease, is related to clinically meaningful measures in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. We will use image processing and optimize methods to quantify various aspects of spatial heterogeneity, such as shape of disease regions, complexity in the distribution, and clustering of disease regions in the lung.

Research Group: Dr. Miranda Kirby

NSERC-USRA Opportunity - Computational ViroPhysics
Posted Tue, Jan 22nd

In Physics, our understanding of phenomena is expressed in terms of math expressions, e.g. F=ma or E=mc^2, which also allows us to make verifiable predictions beyond experimental observations. In Virology, there is little or no math, and this makes robust validation of knowledge and prediction impossible: let's work together to fix this! In your project, you will use scientific programming (probably coding in python) and math (mostly ODEs) to describe and study a specific aspect of a virus infection, like flu or HIV. Specifics of the project will depend on your skills and interests.

You can read about work in my group at

Contact me ( to find out more.

Research Group: Dr. Catherine Beauchemin

MPCU Hosts LaTeX Workshop!
Posted Tue, Nov 6th

The Medical Physics Course Union (MPCU) hosted an excellent workshop this week in order to teach undergrads (and some grad students) the finer points of the LaTeX typesetting system. LaTeX is one of the premier tools for authoring scientific papers and posters, so it's a really valuable skill set to learn and use as an undergraduate student. Looking forward to seeing the results next April during Fourth Year Thesis Poster Presentations!

Big thanks to Daniel C for running the event!

LaTeX typesetting workshop hosted by the Med Physics Course Union
In the News... Ultrasound device to improve pain management for osteoarthritis patients
Posted Wed, Oct 24th

Dr. Jahan Tavakkoli's work featured in Innovation Issue 30 newsletter:

"By packaging the therapeutic value of ultrasound into a small handheld device, medical physics professor Jahan Tavakkoli is developing a tool that could be used to treat osteoarthritis at home.

Along with clinical collaborator Dr. Kevin Rod, medical director of the Toronto Poly Clinic, and industrial collaborator Hossein Zereshkian, president of Circuit Plus Inc., a technology development firm, professor Tavakkoli is applying his expertise in ultrasound technology in this project."

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CIBC Run for the Cure 2018 - Physics Grad and Undergrad Students Represent!
Posted Mon, Oct 1st

On Sunday, September 30th, Ryerson Physics runners hit the pavement in the CIBC Run for the Cure!

The run was organized by our Biomedical Physics graduate students and Medical Physics undergrads. Despite the cool, overcast conditions, 18 of our Physics students and friends met up bright and early at U of T's King's College Circle start zone and set out on the 5km course.

All together we raised well over $1800 dollars! Funds raised from the run go toward supporting breast cancer research, a cause near and dear to many of the participants. And since much of our research here in Ryerson's Department of Physics focuses on improving cancer diagnostics and treatment, we know all too well how important this fight is.

It was an amazing event and we encourage everyone to support the cause and get involved next year!

Special thanks to Charlotte Ferworn (BPGSU) and Monica Bell Villa (MPCU) for organizing.

Ryerson Physics runners pose for a photo after fundraising $1800 at the 5km CIBC Run for the Cure.