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PCS 213 Labs - Summer 2020

Due to remote distancing measures, PCS 213 labs will be run remotely during Summer 2020.

Experiments have been revised to allow students to complete them from home, using common household objects or online simulation and analysis tools.

Please review your manual well in advance. In most cases you will be expected to complete certain pre-lab preparation activities and understand the experimental methods. Your scheduled lab session will be conducted via Zoom, and you'll have the opportunity to consult with your TA to review your data collection methods.

Reports will be submitted individually unless otherwise instructed by your professor or TA.

Experiment 1
Experiment 2
Lab Notes: 

Interference Image Files -

As your data set, analyze the images in the sub-folders that correspond to the last two digits of your student number. E.g. For student number xxxxxxx82, analyze the images in folders "8-DoubleSlitData-STU" and "2-DoubleSlitData-STU".