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2018-19 Medical Physics Fourth Year Thesis Poster Presentation

Fourth year thesis poster presentation event - group shot of student participants.

On Friday, April 26th, students from PCS 40A/B gathered for a poster session to present their 4th-year medical physics thesis research projects. PCS 40A/B pairs students with researchers in the field of Medical Physics from Ryerson University and affiliating hospitals (Princess Margaret, St. Michael's, and Sunnybrook Health Science Center) or industry. Over the course of two semesters the students conduct original research on wide range of topics in medical physics, such as advanced imaging and therapies using ultrasound, optics, radiation, etc.

The poster presentations were juried by participating faculty members and researchers. The following posters were awarded for their scientific quality, and depth and breadth of research work presented:

First Place Award:
Monica Bell Villa for the poster entitled "Textural Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Images to Detect Early Radiobiological Changes of Single Dose Irradiated Tumours"
Supervisor: Dr. Alex Vitkin

Second Place Award:
Daniel Cresta for the poster entitled "A Discrete Dynamical Intercellular System Model for Influenza A Virus (IAV) Infection Kinetics"
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Beauchemin

Third Place Award (two awards):
Marek Tam for the poster entitled "Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy using Photoacoustic Imaging and Gold Nanoparticles"
Supervisor: Dr. Carl Kumaradas

Shiva Nassori for the poster entitled "Optimizing a Desktop System for Benchtop MRI Research System"
Supervisor: Dr. Yuan Xu

Congratulations to all the students of PCS 40A/B course for their excellent research work and presentation of their results. Successful completion of this course marks the culmination of their BSc (Hons.) degree in Medical Physics, and we hope all participants take great pride in this significant and well-deserved accomplishment.