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Tetyana Antimirova, PhD

Co-op Program Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor

KHS 331E
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
416-979-5000 x7416


Physics Education Research, Curriculum Development, Educational Technologies, Science Education and Outreach, Condensed Matter Physics, Physical Chemistry


My most recent research interests are in the area of Physics Education. During the past few years my efforts were focused on improving conceptual understanding among students in introductory physics courses and teaching effective problem-solving skills. Presently I am working on introducing active learning and elements of peer training in classes I teach.

Selected Publications

M.C.Depew, T.Antimirova, G.Chen and J.K.S.Wan (1999), Bleaching mechanical pulps with H2O2: a unique alkali-free approach, Research on Chemical Intermadiates, 25, 5, pp.411-506.

V.V.Laguta, T.V.Antimirova, M.D.Glinchuk, I.P.Bykov, J.Rosa, M.Zaritskii, L. Jastrabik, L. Soukup (1998), Distortion of Oxygen Octahedron in Antiferroelectric PbZrO3: ESR Evidence, Journal of the Corean Physicsl Society, 32, 700.

V.V.Laguta, T.V.Antimirova, M.D.Glinchuk, I.P. Bykov, M.I.Zaritskii, J.Rosa, L.Jastrabik (1997), Local instability of Cr3+ in PbTiO3, J.Phys.: Cond. Matter, 9, 10041-10049.