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James Gräfe, PhD, MCCPM

Associate Professor

416-979-5000 x3405


Medical Physics, radiation therapy, in vivo trace and toxic metal analysis, neutron activation analysis, X ray fluorescence, gadolinium toxicity, innovative nuclear medicine, proton prompt gamma ray, Proton Neutron Gamma-X Detection (PNGXD), heavy charged particle therapy.


My research revolves around developing innovative techniques in applied nuclear medicine or radiation therapy through experiment and simulation.

Selected Publications

K. Van Delinder * , D. Crawford * , T. Zhang, R. Khan, J. Gräfe, Investigating neutron activated contrast agent imaging for tumor localization in proton therapy: A feasibility study for proton neutron gamma-x detection (PNGXD). Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2019 65 (3), doi: 10.1088/1361-6560/ab63b5.

S. Momin*, J.L. Gräfe, K. Georgiou, and R. Khan, Simultaneous optimization of mixed photon energy beams in volumetric modulated arc therapy. Medical Physics, 2019 46 (9) 3844-3863.

J.L. Gräfe, F.E. McNeill, Measurement of gadolinium retention: current status and review from an applied radiation physics perspective. Physiological Measurement, 2018 39 (6) TR01 (6 pp).