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Raffi Karshafian, PhD

Graduate Program Director

KHS 340B
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3
416-979-5000 x7536


  • Ultrasound and microbubble mediated therapeutic applications in targeted drug delivery (chemotherapy) and enhancing therapeutic efficacy of radiotherapy.
  • Acoustic behaviour of microbubble contrast agents.


My research interests are in the application of ultrasound in combination with microbubbles in medical imaging and therapeutics. Our group is specifically interested in improving local drug delivery of medicinal drugs and in enhancing sensitivity of tumours to ionzing radiation. I am collaborating with researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to extend the investigation of these effects in animal tumour models.

Selected Publications

Karshafian R, Burns PN, Henkelman MR. Transit time kinetics in ordered and disordered vascular trees. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 48 (2003) 3225-3237.

Goertz DE, Cherin E, Needles A, Karshafian R, Duckett A, Burns PN, Foster FS. High Frequency Nonlinear B-scan Imaging of Microbubble Contrast Agents. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, IEEE Transactions, vol 52 (1), 65-79, 2005.

Doria AS, Karshafian R, Moineddin R, Mohanta A, Zhong A, Mendes M, Pritzker K, Jong R, Burns PN. Contrast-enhanced triggered harmonic sonography for assessment of periarticular hemodynamic changes in experimental arthritis. Pediatric Radiology, vol 36 (12), 1242-51, 2006.

Hirokawa T, Karshafian R, Pavlin CJ, Burns PN. Insonation of the eye in the presence of microbubbles: Preliminary study of duration and degree of vascular bioeffects — work in progress. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, Vol 26 (6), 731-38, 2007.

Bevan PD, Karshafian R, Burns PN. Quantitative measurement of ultrasound disruption of polymer-shelled microbubbles. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Vol 33 (1), 1777-86, 2007.

Bevan PD, Karshafian R, Burns PN. The influence of fragmentation on the acoustic response from shrinking bubbles. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Vol 34 (7), 1152-62, 2008.

Karshafian R, Bevan PD, Williams R, Samac S, Burns PN. The Effect of Acoustic Exposure Parameters on Cells and Bubbles: Cell Membrane Permeabilisation and Microbubble Disruption. Ultrasound in Medicine in Biology, 2009.