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G. Todd Springer, PhD

KHS 331-C
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3


High energy nuclear and particle physics (theory).


Matter at extreme temperatures and densities, heavy ion collisions and quark-gluon plasma, hydrodynamics, physics of the early universe.

Selected Publications

Conserved Charge Susceptibilities in a Chemically Frozen Hadron Gas. Under review, preprint available arXiv:1508.02409 (2015), (with J. Ang'ong'a - student author)

Hydrodynamics of charge fluctuations and balance function. Phys Rev. C 89, 064901 (2014), (with B. Ling and M. Stephanov)

Hydrodynamic fluctuations and two point correlations. Nuclear Physics. A 904-905, 1027c-1030c (2013). Proceedings of the XXIII International Conference on Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, (with M. Stephanov).

Bulk spectral functions in single and multi-scalar gravity duals Phys Rev. D 82, 126011 (2010), (with C. Gale and S. Jeon)

Shear spectral sum rule in a non-conformal gravity dual Phys Rev. D 82, 106005 (2010), (with C. Gale, S. Jeon and S.H. Lee)

Potentials for soft wall AdS/QCD Phys. Rev. D 81, 086009 (2010) (with J. I. Kapusta)

Second order hydrodynamics for a special class of gravity duals Phys. Rev. D 79, 086003 (2009)

Sound mode hydrodynamics from bulk scalar fields Phys. Rev. D 79, 046003 (2009)

Shear transport coefficients from gauge/gravity correspondence Phys. Rev. D 78, 066017 (2008) (with J. I. Kapusta)

Cosmological black hole formation due to QCD and electroweak phase transitions arXiv:0706.1111 [astro-ph] (2007) (with J. I. Kapusta)