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NSERC-USRA Opportunity - Non-equilibrium steady states in chemical reaction networks

Understanding how chemical reaction networks can support steady states out of equilibrium is of crucial importance in the study of the origin of life, and in the study of cell metabolism. Recent advances in non-equilibrium statistical physics strongly constrain models for such behaviour, but a comprehensive framework is lacking. This project will involve simulating the dynamics of chemical reaction networks and testing a theoretical framework proposed by the supervisor to quantify non-equilibrium steady states.


NSERC-USRA Opportunity - Computational ViroPhysics

In Physics, our understanding of phenomena is expressed in terms of math expressions, e.g. F=ma or E=mc^2, which also allows us to make verifiable predictions beyond experimental observations. In Virology, there is little or no math, and this makes robust validation of knowledge and prediction impossible: let's work together to fix this! In your project, you will use scientific programming (probably coding in python) and math (mostly ODEs) to describe and study a specific aspect of a virus infection, like flu or HIV. Specifics of the project will depend on your skills and interests.

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